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The typical taste of the Flemish shrimp, including the Zeebrugge variety, arises because of the freshness and the fast production: the catch arrives at the port within 24 hours. The Zeebrugge fishermen catch the shrimps between Zeebrugge and the Dutch peninsula Walcheren. Because of the shrimps being cooked with seawater directly on sight they get their crispness and a slightly spicy taste.

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The tomato is a fruit vegetable and comes in many variations. The tomatoes are distinguished from each other by their size, shape, taste or firmness. The tomato is one of the most grown vegetables in our country. Our farmers grow an impressive wide range of tomato varieties. A distinction is made between loose tomatoes and vine tomatoes. Tomatoes bring color to your plate. They owe their intense color to the presence of an antioxidant that contributes to good health.



Strawberries are not true berries. The fleshy and edible part of the fruit is merely a receptacle. They are grown in many regions in Belgium, but none are as shiny red, smooth and juicy as the ones grown around Antwerp. Strawberries come in many varieties that are equally delicious. The Belgian version is the tastiest between June and September.

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