Made in Antwerp

Locally Sourced | globally loved


Made in Antwerp is an international crew who loves Belgian food and who occasionally savours a local beer.


It is our passion to bring out the best of what our region has to offer and use it to create locally inspired recipes.



We showcase high quality, locally sourced products from the region and the country. Honouring the rich Belgian drinks culture, we serve a large variety of local and Belgian beers and spirits and a selection of Belgian wines. Our team members are eager to tell you about what they serve, having tasted all the dishes themselves. Ask and test them. 
They will love it. 




Our head chef Jorn Moyson and all team members, regardless of where they were born, share a common love. The love for the Belgian cuisine. They are uncompromising when it comes to the food they prepare, using fine, local and regional produce to create dishes that you will love.



All dishes are based on seasonal and fresh produce, with locally inspired recipes and attention to healthy options. In every season, the local products will be the highlights of the menu. Our kitchen team will use them to create the most delicious recipes, with several vegetarian options and a healthy version whenever possible. Some dishes will be to share, some dishes you will not want to share.


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