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Chicory is a leafy vegetable that is grown in the dark. The history of chicory dates back to 1830. In a rather coincidental way, it was discovered in Brussels that roots that had been lying in a dark barn for a long time grew into chicory. Chicory is usually cooked or stewed. However, it can also be eaten raw, prepared in the oven or eaten as a soup. The vegetable is very popular for its slightly bitter, fresh taste.

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De Koninck

De Koninck is a Belgian beer. The beer has been brewed since 1833 on the border between Antwerp and Berchem. A hand is displayed on the logo of the beers and on the crown caps. The hand relates to the 15th-century Antwerp legend about Silvius Brabo. The amber colored De Koninck beer is served in a typical round glass: a bolleke. For this reason, De Koninck is also called a bolleke.



It is one of the most popular Belgian breeds of beef, known for their solid white hide with a blue glow. They are often called the body builders of cattle because of their double-muscling, a heritable condition resulting in an increased number of muscle fibres, resulting in a perfect meat-fat ratio and lean but very tasteful meat. 


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